COLOURS_a【タワーレコード限定】 ADAM at / jizue / Schroeder-Headz – TOWER RECORDS presents COLOURS – VICTOR JAZZ NATION Label : Victor Entertainment Cat No : NCS-10177 Format : CD Price : 1,500yen+tax Release : 2018/4/11 1,500 YEN+TAX Track List: 1.COLOURS (ADAM at × jizue × Schroeder-Headz) 2.五右衛門新ヴァージョン (ADAM at) 3.A Cat and Vagabond (Schroeder-Headz) 4.atom (jizue) 5.Hang New’s High (ADAM at) 6.Tokyo Tribal Sacrifice (Schroeder-Headz) 7.elephant in the room (jizue) 8.Re:Ppin (ADAM at) 9.HALSHURA(neon_splash_edit) (Schroeder-Headz) 10.grass (jizue)